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Nexus One: Phone

Tuesday, January 5

Google released its first consumer product, the Nexus One cellphone, this afternoon.

All I have to say is WOW!!!

This thing is the first legitimate competitor to Apple's iPhone to come along, in like, FOREVER!

My worship at the temple of iPhone is well documented, so I will just share with you those things about the Nexus One I find to be superior to iPhone. All of which will require are return volley from the folks in Cupertino, Ca, or they will see mass defection. I really think these features are that strong!

  • Maps - beyond just finding an address, you are afforded the choice of turn-by-turn navigation to your destination, via animated map or Googles eye-level, satellite-enabled "Street Map." This feature boggles the mind, as you cannot accidently bypass your destination when the map on your phone is showing you a realtime photograph as you drive by.
  • Photos - Clustering tools allows for creating  and sharing entire albums, all within the application.
  • YouTube - share with social media sites without leaving the application. Also rate videos and comment while video is in "play" mode.
  • Voice-to-Text - perhaps the holy grail of features for the Nexus One. Allows you to post text messages, twitter and Facebook updates by SPEAKING into the phone, as opposed to typing. Also has ability to convert voicemail into text, for forwarding or storage. BANANAS!
  • Noise-Cancellation - the phone has an automatic noise cancellation feature, for when you are talking outdoors. This feature allows you to save your voice because 85% of all background noise is eliminated when you are on the phone.
  • Camera - the Nexus One has a 5 MP camera, which dwarfs the 3.2 MP of the iPhone. But the real differentiator is the pre-installed LED flash. No more dark photos, ever.

There are also rumors of the Nexus One having a 1 Ghz processor, which would mean it had half the computing heft of a GREAT desktop computer, only packed in a tiny cellphone. This account for the reports of the phone being fast at an asinine level.
Each of these features are demonstrated at the Google website I have linked to at the bottom of this post. 

I cannot wait to see what Apple's reply will be, what it has to be! It is competition that brings out the best in everyone. Magic had Bird, America had Russia, lions have hyenas, Crystal had Alexis and now, apparently, the iPhone has Google's Nexus One.

More info at Google.



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