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Real Men Collect Art 2

Saturday, August 23

Jerome Witkin

Radio Flyer!

This is a bit off the beaten path, but I saw a couple in my neighborhood today with the happiest kids in the world. 

These were the reasons for all the smiles.

Looks like Radio Flyer has introduced a few new items under the radar.

Find them here:

David Yurman Rings are IT!

I love how tasteful and classic David Yurman's rings are looking these days.

Good enough for Sinatra, good enough for you.

You can find them here.

Sneak Peeks

You will notice I am a bit of a sneaker-file. Though, I am way past the point (and you should be as well) of wearing them with suits. 

Here are a few more of my faves:

Maison Martin Magiela


Y-3 does it again!


'Nuff Said from Gucci:

Wing-tip Redux

Since we are staying away from wing-tips this fall...

Go with a clean shoe with perforation detail, instead.

From Prada .

The inestimable John Lobb

Cap-toe/ The Way to Go

Clean cap-toe shoes are the way to go this fall. I know this seems a bit obvious, but I am not feeling wing-tips at all right now.

The way to go is clean and unembellished.

These are by Gucci.

Art + Fashion = Visionaire

Friday, August 22

54 sport is.....Visionaire's take on Lacoste.

Wear any of these EXTREMELY limited polos and make your friend's all "Eric Bana" with envy.

They await you here.

Who is Pierre Hardy?

Someone you should know.

Make sure look into his bags as well as his footwear.

You can find him here.

Zachary Prell Shirts RULE!

Tired of your collar looking buffo restauranto? Does your shirt hang to your knees? Are you frustrated by athletic fit shirts that are made for athletic gymnasts? 

Zachary Prell makes truly well thought-out shirts for the sophisticated man.

Indulge HERE!

Hot Runners!

The price of a pair of truly great runners seems to have no ceiling. However all runners are not created equally. 

I give you.... 


Short Trench Coats for Fall

This is where we are going for Fall '08. 

This is from Smalto, which is completely inaccessible to those who do not travel outside the states. Not to worry, just about everyone has a version of this, whether it be fur-trimmed, wool, or wool-lined. 

It's back to the classics.

Do this now!

Real Men Collect Art

Carlos Quintana is who I am feeling right now.

You can preview and bid for his work here.

Whether you are into Thrift store collecting, limited prints or a regular at Christie's, real men collect art. There is a statistical improbability of depreciation and there is nothing like passing on a museum worthy collection to the next generation of your family.


Monday, August 18

Beware Vertu!!!

That's no typo. What it happens to be is one of the most anticipated mobile phones in years. While the apple i-phone is quite an exciting instrument for the masses, Tag Heuer's (yes that Tag Heuer) Meridiist is already rumored to be this holiday seasons must have for the well-heeled. 

Here is the look:

There is no clear answer yet on who will sell them in the States, but they drop in September.
You can sign up for an alert here.

Let There Be Light

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For those not living in the Chicago metropolitan area, be not afraid. The overwhelming majority of commentary provided on this site will include links to online resources. Therefore, almost anyone with the ability to read these posts will also be empowered to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Shall we begin?...

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