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3 Good Holiday Gift Books

Sunday, November 22

The Holidays are upon us. Lots of bad gifts get handed out every year. Yeah I know it's the thought that counts, but most of your relatives "thoughts" cannot be expressed around children after receiving another fruitcake or turtle-neck tank-top.

I plan on posting gift idea I come across that seem interesting, unusual and unique. I hope you enjoy and all products will have pricing and links to purchase when necessary.

Holiday Books

Books make the best gifts. I really mean that. I have preferred receiving a book to just about anything else, save the occasional pair of runners, since I was 23 years old. These are a few new and interesting finds from the book stores this November.

The New York Times: The Complete Front Pages 1851 - 2009

It's just what it says, every single front page since the newspaper began over 150 years ago. Yes you get to see when every World War began and every figure was assassinated, but the real delight is reading the "other" stories that have graced the cover in their shadows.


Retail: $60.00, though Amazon has it for $36.00 + free shipping. (HERE)

Gourmet Today

Boo-hoo's were heard around the globe when the announcement came that Gourmet Magazine was shuttering it's doors after 70 years of excellence.

This is, at least for the foreseeable future, will be the magazine's last cook book. 1000 NEW recipes and a "free 12 month subscriptions (???)" await. Every foodie will bless you beyond the holidays for your kindness.

Retail: $40.00, Amazon has it for $23.50 + free shipping (HERE), though Costco has it for $21.00, if you have one nearby.

Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change

Yes, I am admittedly kind of over the guy, but millions of you are not. This is the best of all the Obama books. Art for Obama is a compendium of all the amazing artwork; posters, placards, t-shirts, paintings and the like, that were created during the election and in the lead-up to the inauguration.

America (and the world, for that matter) didn't lack creativity in honoring this most inspirational of leaders.
Retail: $22.50, though Amazon has it for $15.30 + shipping (HERE)



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