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Friends Don't Let Friends...

Sunday, December 21

"It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse-races."
-Mark Twain (Pudd'head Wilson)

I have not posted in 3 weeks and for that I apologize. 

Some of my writing, I was told, might be "bumming out" Christmas shoppers. 

My writing, not:
  1. The economy.
  2. Record Joblessness.
  3. Record Foreclosures.
  4. Record Evictions.
  5. Record Bank Failures.
  6. Record Credit Card Debt.
  7. Record Housing Inventory.
  8. Record Automobile Inventory.
  9. Record Commercial Real Estate Availability.
  10. Record Car Dealership Failure.
  11. Record Retail Losses.
  12. Record College Drop-Out Rates (due to affordability).
  13. Record Municipal, City and State Budget Shortfalls.
  14. Record Hedge Fund Failures.
  15. Record Commercial Lease Cancellations.
  16. Record High Food Prices.
  17. Record Oil production Cuts from OPEC (leading to future record gas prices).
  18. Record High Airfares (for mandatory trips home this Holiday Season).
  19. Record Winter Weather Conditions (snow, cold and icing) through Early-December.
  20. Record (nearly, as the early 1980's were worse, for now) Lay-offs.
Record Usage of the Word "Record" in one writing (okay I am done).

None of these things are driving consumers to spend less this year, just little 'ole me.
Well last night I talked to a great friend of mine, who told me to "get back on the grind." I have 3 major posts set for release on the 24th, 26th and 28th of this month, each relating to the cautionary retail environment of 2009.

The herd will be "thinned" as one Executive at one of the largest retailers said to me.

So yes, I am back at the grind now (thanks NJS) and ready to open up like I am on Oprah Show.

Let's get it started in the world of athletics.



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