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Crystal Meth(od)

Wednesday, December 24

Each year, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, an annual ritual plays out. 

While bells toll, adults gather around the fire and children's imagination run wild with thoughts of what might be under the tree.....

The 24th and 25th are notorious dumping grounds for massively important news stories, because everyone knows we do not read the paper on these days. We are focused on our families.

This year not only am I going to make a prediction of 5 major stories dropping, I am going to post them right here as the news rolls in.

So take a peek into my crystal ball, what is that you see ever so faintly....

Update #1 (1:13 am 12/24) Walmart Ends Tears of Fighting Workers Lawsuits, Settles for $640 Million. Read story HERE

Update #2 (1:39 am 12/24) Retailers Want Bailout Too. Proposing three separate 10 day tax-free shopping days next year, in March, July and October. Read more HERE

Update #3 (5:15 pm 12/24) Jobless Claims Reach Highest Levels in 26 Years (586,000 new claims last week). WOW, now that's what I call Christmas Spirit. Read more HERE.

Update #4 (5:21 pm 12/24) Stores to ramp up closings and job cuts in 2009. Many have announced intent without including specifics. Read more HERE.

Update #5 (6:22 pm 12/24) I purposely waited until 6 pm Eastern Standard Time because I knew this info was coming. The info is always withheld until the stores close on the East Coast.

Here it is.

People are not out shopping...and HAVE NOT BEEN THIS SEASON!

Read more HERE and also HERE

So there is my $5 foot-long. A holiday gift from me to you. 

Let's stay on top of the reporting between now and next Thursday (NYE), this is when the best of the best economic info of the year will drop.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I know if you have been reading you are in good shape going into 2009.



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